Leadership Style

Leadership is differentiating from othersLeadership sounds similar to management, but is it? What is the difference between a leader and a manager?

In the textbook, leadership is the term where one can support and motivate the workforce in an organization.

On the other hand, management is an administrative role where one aims to ensure that a firm’s operations are handled and executed as planned.

Leadership innovates and motivates

The major differences between a leader and a manager are:

  • The manager has more of an administrator’s role, whereas the leader innovates
  • The manager follows the rules by the ”textbook”, whereas the leader leads by example
  • The manager maintains the current organizational structure, whereas the leader aims to develop the business with new ideas and motivation
  • The leader emphasizes on the people, whilst the manager is more systemic and structural oriented
  • The leader generates trust and inspires, whereas the manager emphasizes solely on control
  • The leader foresees the future from a long-term perspective, whereas the manager has a short-term view
  • The manager aims to identify bottom line issues, whilst a leader focuses on future opportunities 
  • The leader creates followers, whereas the manager imitates others
  • The leader asks what needs to be done and why, whereas the manager asks how it has to be done and when should it be accomplished
  • The leader faces new challenges and obstacles with enthusiasm, whereas the manager is comfortable to operate with present standards (status quo)
  • The leader can easily adjust to new market conditions whereas the manager is more conservative
  • The leader does the right thing, whereas the manager does things right

Moreover, the main differentiating point between a leader and a manager is in the managerial and coordinating manner or style.

Leadership motivates, innovates and inspires, whereas management focuses on traditional methodologies, such as controlling and ensuring that the deadlines are met.

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