SEO Checklist Insides

Succeed on SEO and achieve the top.SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is important and vital for every business or organization nowadays.

Unless a business hasn’t got any online presence, SEO is a driver and the key to success. What is Search Engine Optimization and why is it essential?

The idea of SEO is to be able to boost your company’s online appearance and target successfully your market.

When users search for products or services, via different keywords, and your website appears on the first page, then your visibility and traffic will increase.

Optimizing your website on the internet for the search engines is a must.

SEO: Optimizing for accreditation

What are search engines looking for when assessing websites? Below is a list of the indicators used:

  • Does your website or blog have a description?
  • Do your website’s links match their relevant pages?
  • Are there any broken links?
  • Do you promote your website on social media?
  • Is your website easily navigated?
  • Does your website provide quality content?

The last point is significant to a website’s ranking and SEO improvement, and it involves the following criteria:

  • Using a unique keyword for every article shows uniqueness
  • Your article or page should have a title with the keyword included
  • Your title should be between 35 to 65 characters
  • The title is also reflected on the page or article’s URL link where the user clicks on and redirects him or her to the relevant page or article
  • The article or page should have a unique meta description with the keyword included
  • The inner content should be at least 300 words or more
  • The keyword should be included in the inner content
  • If the keyword appears first in your first paragraph this improves a lot your ranking
  • Your article or page must have quality content
  • H2 tags increase your ranking as such tags summarize different parts of your content
  • Include outbound or external links that can redirect the viewers to other pages too, either internally or externally
  • Images with text at the back-end is another criterion for ranking

Are you willing to do the hard work and improve your website’s SEO?

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