Marketing Forex Gurus

Is your marketing forex guru a scam?Marketing Forex, promoting strategies that don’t work just to attract potential investors’ attention.

Are the gurus capable of making money or are they just ”puppets” of marketing?

People watch out and do your homework right before making the decision to listen or follow a guru or the super trader who is messing up with your emotions and your need to make some cash.

Marketing Forex and the fake gurus

In the world of forex and the markets in general, there are the so-called marketing gurus or sales gurus, and those who indeed know how to invest on behalf of other individuals.

Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you, at all times, request a track record or history of one’s trading account so that you can confirm that what they are telling you is indeed right and legit.

Has the trading guru ever showed you his or her trading history or was it just talking?

Don’t be shy to ask for extra information, at the end of the day is your money that is at risk.

Have you ever heard of the so-called Ponzi schemes?

Ponzi schemes were designed and performed by individuals and organizations that tried to manipulate the clients by offering crazy monthly returns. The convincing capability of such individuals is their key point.

Before investing, you should first ask your guru three simple questions:

  1. ‘Have you got a trading history?”
  2. ”Are your clients satisfied?”
  3. ”Have you got positive feedbacks from clients?”

Furthermore, do not pay attention to the luxurious lifestyle that any trader wants to promote just to attract your attention, but focus on the three questions we have already listed for you.

Talking to convince your potential victims is easy, but making real money is the hard part.

Moreover, Social trading is a good way to view the statistics of the person or the strategy that you wish to follow, with transparency and no hidden ”lies”.

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