Brexit Poll Flash (Britain)

Brexit June's referendum approaches.Brexit, indeed an event that captures the investors’ and the traders’ mindset until June’s referendum outcome.

It seems that the British are confused, and cannot decide whether their nation should exit the European Union for better days to come, or not.

Nobody knows what the referendum’s outcome could bring to the British economy.

Will it cause a financial ”chaos”, an economic ”storm”, a huge barrier with the other member states, or will it have an impact on a global scale?

The referendum’s critical day is not far, and the citizens have somehow expressed their opinion or current view related to the Brexit.

Brexit: In or out of the European Union (EU)?

Approximately 47% believe that leaving the European Union would be a mistake, therefore supporting that the nation should remain a member.

Alternatively, 41% are against the EU believing that an exit is a wiser decision toward better days for the citizens and the economy as a whole.

Furthermore, the above figures of 47% and 41% would definitely change as the referendum date gets closer and closer.

Unless the politicians and the government’s officials do not explain to the people the pros and cons of either scenario, there will be a misjudge or misconduct whether to exit will favour the British citizens, or not.

Where will the percentages move next, upon approaching the Brexit referendum?

Will the rates equalize to 50% vs. 50%, or will it be a big difference at the end?

Are the conservatives, voting for the European Union, the ones who will overcome, the ”risk takers” who are willing to risk to see drastic changes in the British nation?

Moreover, what it is expected to happen is that those either in favour or against the European Union will think twice what to vote on the referendum day, thus their final decision shaping their nation’s economic future.

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