Brexit or not the Case?

Is a Brexit probable?Brexit, a high probabilistic scenario or is it just rumors?

As per the latest polls, before Jo Cox got murdered, the Brexit had many chances of taking place.

Following Jo Cox murder, and the freezing of the polls, the scenario of a Brexit is somehow lower in occurring.

At the moment, fear and anxiety are two parameters that captivate both the traders and, most of all, the British citizens.

The fear of the unknown, what if the nation exits from the European Union and what’s next should it be such a scenario.

Four days before the referendum and everybody is on alert.

The European Central Bank is also monitoring the referendum and will take all the necessary measures to control the high market volatility that is expected to be generated.

Nevertheless, either a Brexit or not, both the traders and the investors, buyers or sellers of the nation’s currency, will surely place tremendous pressures.

Where will the sterling move next, during and after the referendum?

Brexit: Britain’s recent financial bet

Britain’s referendum is one of the biggest events in the recent financial history.

A nation must decide its future, and its citizens are to make this tough decision that at the end will shape their future.

Will it be a financial ”chaos” should it be a Brexit or is it going to be better for Britain?

Either scenario would create economic and political instability.

The citizens must make a wise decision and ”weigh” the pros and cons of the consequences in either scenario.

Moreover, the macroeconomic factors will play a vital role in the referendum’s outcome, taking place on the 23rd of June 2016.

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