Football: Is it Worth Watching?

Football a corrupted sport.Football is a sport that captivates the interest of millions who are eager and anxious to watch their favorite team playing.

The majority of people have a team whom they support and excites them the most.

Some perceive this sport as entertainment while others as a way to escape from the daily routine.

But what is this sport all about at the end of the day?

Is it just bringing people apart, creating hate among the fans of different teams, or is it more than that?

What is for sure is that football nowadays is not the same as it used to be in the early times.

Is football a corrupted game?

Hate, fear, anxiety, stress, and anger are the features that are promoted more, compared to excitement, happiness, and enthusiasm.

Football has changed a lot as to the players’ involvement since the majority aim to make funds by taking advantage of the high valued contracts.

Furthermore, hatred is the outcome that captivates the fans of the losing team who cannot interpret or understand that football is entertainment.

On the other hand, the football players couldn’t care less, as at the end of every game they simply relax and enjoy the funds that they have made from their super contracts signed before the start of the season.

Moreover, do you agree that the funds which the players receive are enormously high and unfair compared to the rest of the population who struggles to survive?

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