Management Role: Ready or not?

Management is guiding by example.Management is the role or responsibility one has when it comes to being a leader in an organization, a team or society.

The big question, though, is when is someone ready to take such a responsibility for leading and managing the way?

Is it that simple as it sounds or is it more than that?

Management is leading by example

To be able to interpret whether, or not, you are ready to become a manager and leader, you should closely look for the five signs shown below:

  • You like sharing your knowledge, experience and expertise, as in the meantime people come to you for answers with regards to their jobs, tasks, and other matters
  • You are delighted, happy, and satisfied to see people progressing, learning, and succeeding
  • You have ”authority” in your business or organization, and therefore you always aim to make the departments efficient and effective in the best possible manner, always seeking for ways to improve operations
  • You get fascinated and excited when the people at work are happy and excited about their tasks and responsibilities
  • You implement fairness and appraise performance thus promoting the ”good” employees who look forward to improving the business.

On the other hand, there are cases where you cannot become a manager, at least at the current state of affairs, due to the following reasons:

  1. Feeling bothered that people come in late, aiming to be more of a supervisor than a manager.
  2. You like to dictate and control rather than lead by example and motivate the workforce.
  3. You like placing rules and regulations, always going by the book.
  4. You are in favor of power rather than operating as a team player and leader.

Moreover, if you wish to be part of the management team, you should always think of your people, the workforce, twice.

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