Outstanding Firms Differ

Outstanding firms care for HR.Outstanding organizations do things different, aiming to be the best they can be in their daily activities and HR management.

Such firms have a different mindset compared to their competitors or fellow organizations that operate in the same or similar sector.

What differentiates successful organizations, is the way of treating their personnel, that is the number one factor to success.

Top firms pay attention to the ”low-level” personnel, if we could say so, who are the ones ”leading” the organization and do all the tough and hard tasks.

The ”high-level” personnel supports the rest of the people in an attempt of improving the working environment, motivate, and innovate.

Outstanding firms lead by example

Success in these cases is the outcome of hard, smart, but mostly teamwork. Team players were always ahead of their competitors and differed from the ”crowd”.

Perfectly structured, outstanding, organizations share the following eight main features:

  • They recruit people in a friendly manner and make the interview fun
  • They mostly operate by example rather than following strict rules and policies
  • They appraise the personnel based on performance review, and always strive to provide support and training when it is needed
  • There is flexibility to work from home from time to time
  • There is no a big issue with breaks as long as the tasks and the operation of the firm are progressing
  • They have feedback systems in place
  • There is a lot of respect among the team members
  • They do not emphasize on dress codes
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