Vassos Demetriou: ”Clients are vital”

Clients come first, Vassos highlights.

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Vassos Demetriou began his professional career as a Workshop Floor Manager in the sphere of Jewellery at the heart of the industry in Hatton Gardens, London. In this capacity, he was responsible for overseeing the general administration of the workshop, ensuring safety and security, as well as being in charge of customer service and wholesales. He also led the procedures pertaining to HR and the training and supervision of new staff members, establishing a rapport with all that was characterised as fluidly managerial.

No longer a fledgling employee, at the age of 22 he inaugurated his own company, Castencil CY, which gained a reputation for its innovative outdoor stencilling methods. As Director, Vassos soared where client interactions were concerned, undertaking face-to- face visits with potential customers, including delivering presentations; ultimately he made it his goal to incessantly provide a first-class service. Other responsibilities included the designing, promoting, marketing, and sales of the products and company. The company was then sold mid-2007.

Henceforth, Vassos became Office Manager at Property Agents CY, continuing his passion for property in both residential and commercial contracts, simultaneously climbing the property ladder. At this firm, Vassos was responsible for sales to high-budget clients, including drafting all Sale/ Power Of Attorney Contracts; he was also accountable for the administration of the online property enquiries forwarding system, besides creating and updating professional follow-ups for listings, and making valuations on Resale Properties.

Vassos focuses on high-quality service

Vassos then decided to make career changes due to the national economic downturn, resulting in a new position as Account Manager in TDFX Forex Company, where he found his true calling by combining his creativity, initiative, humility and organisational skills. Vassos was responsible for dealing with clients’ accounts, and was entrusted with making sure that all compliance was met via KYC. He became highly proficient in Compliance, Marketing and Back Office procedures via liaising with the heads of each department. In light of his achievements, he was then promoted to Project Manager, which necessitated management of sales operations, being master owner of all CRM, Back Office projects and procedures. He utilised effective communication techniques in order to clinch deals, and became notorious for his ability to rectify discrepancies in clients’ trading accounts and solve requotes, slippage, and delays in execution. Vassos is highly skilled in dealing with, sustaining and enhancing Live Accounts, IBs, Fund Managers/Asset Managers, stemming from his multitudinous experiences at the firm.

Penultimately, Vassos was head hunted by a world leading financial institution to be a Sales Manager, where he was responsible for overseeing the workings of over 1200 Account Managers internationally, though originally leading a team of 40 AMs. He proudly accumulated a gross company revenue in excess of $26m for the period January to June 2014, with a subsequent net value of $18.7m (during the period of a mere 40 AMs), quickly gaining ground as a successful Sales Manager, who was then recognised by Senior Management as one that could easily transfer his skills more broadly to wider networks on an international scale, as well as to other colleagues.

Despite the increase in workload, Vassos continued to swiftly liaise with Back Office, Marketing, IT, Compliance for internal procedures to ensure the smooth running of all operations including the management of CRM. He was also often chosen for the arrangement and attendance of numerous business trips and seminars for skills and knowledge consolidation, knowing that he would be a respectable and loyal employee who would further the firm’s reputation abroad.  Wherever he has been employed, Vassos never ceases to creatively and efficiently integrate new ideas with existing policies and strategies, to meticulously follow regulations in an inspirational manner.

Presently, Vassos’ work in his current employment as International Business Development Manager and Project Manager has meant that he has had the opportunity to share and implement the experience he has gained over the years in the financial industry.


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