Company culture by Evan Tzivanakis

Real liquidity with a true broker.Company culture is the ethical structure of an organization when it comes to human resources, attitude and behavior.

I perceive company culture via a set of criteria as shown below:

  • Company vision
  • Values
  • Norms
  • Systems
  • Symbols
  • Language
  • Attitude
  • Beliefs
  • Habits
  • Communication

Company culture is all about contribution

A good job is not only getting a salary or other benefits, but it is about how humans feel when contributing to an organization.

Not all companies have the idea or concept of having a long-term plan with regards to growth and culture.

With the above said, if you are spending a lot of time thinking about bringing in new employees, implementing new procedures, rules, and regulations, you should reconsider your plan.

Do not forget that your company’s culture has already being formed the exact first day of operations before and after when having hired your first employee.

Your personnel will always react according to your firm’s organizational and ethical culture already in place.

Furthermore, one should focus on improving key areas that can make the difference, such as:

  • Clarity of purpose: It is not enough to set a purpose for your employees, but you have to make them feel that their contribution to the organization is vital at all times
  • Engagement: Without empowerment, there is no engagement. An empowered personnel can do great things.
  • Trust: If there is no trust between the personnel and yourself, the owner, all will collapse sooner or later
  • Continuous learning: Be an inspirational organization, motivate, teach and train your employees to become better and acquire leadership skills and professionalism

Moreover, your company’s culture could either improve or break your operations. Act today, make the difference and create a superb cultural and innovative business culture.

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