Global Crisis Dark Areas

Global crisis dark aspects.Global crisis a game or reality? How did our society, and the world, ended in such condition?

Corruption, despair, fear of the unknown, politicians, leaders, a system of misconception and confusion that managed to bring our globe into a disastrous situation.

What is, therefore, global crisis and can someone define such a phenomenon?

Is it more of a psychological ‘disorder’ or was it created on purpose by the few wealthy individuals or groups who had and have the ability and power to control the whole civilization?

Global crisis is the creation of the wealthy few

What we do know for a fact is that the crisis did not appear ”naturally” or as they wish to present it to us. The crisis was created due to the desire of the wealthy few who ”sickly” aimed for more power, wealth, and control.

Wars, fights, bombings, and terrorism brought the world, our society, in a state of chaos and misconception, thus if the majority does not take initiative, the chances for this world progressing are by far limited.

Furthermore, the banking system is a key player in crisis, with the bankers manipulating the people via offering unreachable dreams.

Are you willing, as a citizen of your nation, to make the difference and change your destiny?

Well, it is about time, to wake up, unite, and all together make the difference for the future generations to come.

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