Strategic Planning Tips

Strategic planning is essential.Strategic planning is a must when setting up a business, thus ensuring short-term and long-term survival and profitability.

The ability and the appetite to create a solid plan increases the probabilities of taking your business to the next level.

Leading your startup or established business via having a predetermined strategy is an important part of success.

Strategic planning saves your business

Alternatively, failing to have a strategic plan in place increases the chances of not surviving in the long-run.

Therefore, upon creating your firm’s strategic marketing plan you should have in mind the following criteria:

  • Define your short-term goals or targets
  • Pre-define your long-term vision and mission
  • How will you go about tackling your existing and future competition?
  • Which are your unique selling points that can differentiate you from the crowd?
  • How will you improve your operations, thus boosting efficiency and effectiveness?
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