Trailing Risk Management Tactic

Trailing Stop-Start & DistanceTrailing is a risk and money management tactic which the traders can use in their attempts of minimizing the chances of either having a big losing order or locking more pips amid a profitable running order.

This tactic can bring great results once a trader has carried out the necessary steps and procedures while implementation, and is broken down into two criteria or parameters, the Stop-Start and the Stop-Distance.

Trailing Stop-Start & Stop-Distance

The first criterion, the Stop-Start, is triggered when the order moves to the trader’s favor by a predetermined number of pips.

The second criterion, the Stop-Distance, is activated once the order moves more in favor of the trader.

Let’s see the example below:

  • Stop-Start: 10 pips
  • Stop-Distance: 5 pips
  • Stop-Loss: 30 pips

Assuming that we bought the EUR/USD at the price of 1.3000.

In the scenario where the price moves to 1.3010 + 1 (1.3011), then the Trailing Stop-Start of 10 pips will be activated and so will the Trailing Stop Distance of 5 pips, thus minimizing or bringing the Stop-Loss from -30 pips to +7 pips, 1.2970 to 1.3006 (5 pips away from the 1.3011 zone). In this condition, if the order turns against the trader, he or she would gain 6 pips, whatever the case, instead of losing 30 pips as per the initial Stop-Loss criterion.