Automating Your Strategy

Automating your trading concept.Automating your forex trading strategy is an art, as it requires the right skills and mindset during the process of creation, testing, and implementation.

The ability to automate your strategy will take you a step further in your trading career, as greediness, lack of discipline, fear, anxiety, and stress are out of the equation.

Automating your strategy is a process

Knowing how to transform your strategy into an algorithmic trading machine is the way to achieve consistency and discipline.

Furthermore, to be able to automate your trading strategy, you should fulfill the following criteria or parameters:

  • You should have a trading strategy by default
  • Your strategy should have been already tested on real trading conditions
  • Never forget to have a predefined risk and money management approach
  • Choose the right programmer who you will transform your philosophy and trading style into an automated script
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