Exit, Foresee and Proact

The exit part is important.

Exit your order(s) on time and proact your upcoming moves to avoid any unexpected barriers which may arise while trading the fascinating world of the markets.

By exiting your order either on time or with a minor loss is all it takes to become successful in the long-run.

Many traders fail to understand the meaning or the overall idea of the forex market, thus perceiving this industry as a hobby rather than a business.

Furthermore, the key reasons that could bring a trader to massive failure, e.g. losing the entire payroll, fear, stress, anxiety, are psychology and greediness.

Exit is all about time and risk management

Therefore, it is vital to exit your trades the right moment and spend the time pro-acting your new trading opportunities.

If you can become disciplined, thus accepting that losing trades can also take place, amid acquiring and maintaining consistency, you will manage to overcome your fears successfully.

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