Gravitational Forex Philosophy

Gravitational movements in forex.Gravitational movement is what characterizes the forex market, and the capital markets in general, derived from the upside and downside oscillations of the various currency pairs.

The so-called support and resistance levels which the forex traders aim to identify for triggering their buy or sell orders are the key areas featuring the philosophy of gravity. What goes up comes down, and vice versa.

The gravitational concept explained

Therefore, as a forex trader, when implementing different tools, indicators, or other techniques, you should have in mind the concept of gravity at all times.

By being able to understand the functionality of gravity your probabilities of progressing and succeeding in the FX market increase dramatically.

The essence of trading is to be able to interpret when it is about time for the price to fall (roof) or rise (floor).

The roof and the floor are the two key criteria or rather ingredients which make up the gravitational motions or movements.

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