Scalping for ten Pips

Scalping is all about patience.Scalping is the technique used by a big number of traders who aim to benefit from small price movements or oscillations within a limited amount of time, usually for some minutes.

If you are a scalper, the maximum number of pips you should aim for, thus avoiding any unexpected price reversals, is approximately 10.

Apart from the take profit parameter, the stop loss criterion is extremely vital for controlling the orders that could end up wrong. Around 20 – 25 pips for stop loss is a good number for freezing a false prediction.

Patience is needed when scalping the markets

Furthermore, the three ingredients, though, for performing proper or appropriate scalping are a) the time frame used, b) the indicator calculating the right level of volatility and c) patience.

The parameter of patience is a key tactic which the successful scalpers implement within their trading activity, thus possessing the ability to wait for the right opportunity to place an order no matter how long it could take.

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