Dollar: Bullish or Bearish After Nov. 8

U.S. election leading the dollar.The U.S. dollar captures the attention of the majority of the traders and the investors, before and after the Presidential Election where Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will be clashing.

What could the outcome be on the dollar, bullish or bearish?

Will the buyers overtake the sellers or can the vice versa condition take place?

In the scenario where Donald Trump gets elected, will the markets perceive it as a positive outcome, thus boosting the U.S. currency to the upside, or will it lead to an aggressive collapse of the greenback?

On the other hand, Hillary Clinton seems to have greater chances of getting elected as the next U.S. president. Will this result be viewed with optimism by the nation’s citizens, leading to a stronger dollar, or will it be a continuation to the U.S.’s economy weakness and slow expansion?

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