U.S. Presidential Election Coming up

Who will it be the next U.S. President?The U.S. Presidential Election is one day away, with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton aiming to win the Presidency of their nation.

During their campaigns, both leaders had various clashes in convincing their potential voters.

Initially, Hillary seemed to be unstoppable, ahead of Trump in poll voters, while, lately, Trump has taken the lead.

What would it be the actual outcome on the 8th of November 2016? Will it be Hillary or Trump, Trump or Hillary?

One day from the U.S. Presidential Election

The day has nearly arrived, as we are 24 hours away from the actual voting for the next President.

What could happen to the U.S. dollar should Trump gets elected? Will it shock the markets, thus creating a crash for the nation’s currency?

On the other hand, should Hillary gets elected, will the markets perceive such outcome as positive, thus leading to market stability and better days to come?

We are about to find out soon!

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